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Beauregard Parish Sheriff old jail building exterior

The Beauregard Parish Jail was established in 1914, under Sheriff W.A. Martin. The gothic style jail is commonly referred to as the "hanging jail". The jail got its nickname in 1928, after two men were hung inside the jail for killing a taxi cab driver.

The jail walls are constructed of solid concrete and are twelve inches thick. While in operation, no inmate ever escaped from the jail. The jail consists of nine cells that occupy three floors. Each cell has its own toilet, shower, lavatory, and window. The center of the jail is occupied by a spiral stairway that winds to the top of the old hanging tower. The jail could house over fifty inmates.

The jail had an underground tunnel that was connected to the court house. The jailer's would use the tunnel to escort inmates from the jail to the court house for trial.

In 1973 the jail was remodeled under the administration of Sheriff M. Bolivar Bishop. It is reported in a news article from 1973, that Chief Jailer, Deputy Wilmot Kellogg was largely credited for the renovations.

The jail was in operation until 1984 when the new jail was opened on Mayeaux Drive, which is now Bolivar Bishop Drive.

The jail is under the administration of Warden Freddie Doyle, a eighteen year veteran of the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office and Assistant Warden Luke Gaspard.   


The Beauregard Parish Jail’s mission is to provide the highest standard of care, custody, and control for inmates incarcerated in the facility. This facility’s function is to provide incarceration as an appropriate deterrent to the commission of crime, a method of guidance and treatment for incarcerated offenders, as well as related services necessary for the protection of society, daily operations and logistical plans, and assist the judicial system with evaluation tools and information for use when sentencing offenders.

The mission is approached through the implementation of comprehensive rehabilitative programs designed to provide life-skills, education, and coping skills necessary to reintegrate the offenders into society. Our goal is to become a model institution, which other facilities can look to and learn from, by improving our operational efficiencies and overall institutional performance.

The Beauregard Parish Jail facility operates with a capacity of 161 beds housing inmates, pre-trial, and a limited amount of adjudicated offenders. The Corrections Division requires multiple departments such as administration, security, support services, operations, classification, and transportation, all specializing in the various aspects of maintaining sound corrections practices in order to complete our mission.

                             Assistant Warden
                                        Freddie Doyle                                     Luke Gaspard
Warden Freddie Doyle Asst. Warden Luke Gaspard
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